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In January Industrial production grows to 2.7%

As per the Central Statistics Office data, India’s industrial production rose 2.7% in January after the demonetisation.

The growth was incomplete because of the base result as output shrunk to 1.59% in January 2016. It was better than the 0.38% reduction in December 2016, however, protected the 5.65% development posted in November 2016.

Big Data keeps complex production running smoothly

Pankaj Patel, President of the industry body FICCI stated that the manufacturing development, however positive in January, remains delicate and a reason for concern.  As per him, manufacturing sector may see reinforcement in the pending months as a result of actions taken in the budget and other areas.

Manufacturing segment contributing for a slight over 75% of the total Index of Industrial Production Mining sector also witnessed 5.3% growth in January while compare to 1.54% in January 2016.

Overall nine industry groups among twenty two industry groups have shown the positive growth in the manufacturing sector.



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