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In mid-day meal a baby snake was found

Mid- day meal is a scheme which aims to provide school children the healthy food. But, does it really healthy? This question arises when it comes in news that a baby snake was found in mid- day meal. Such incidents raise questions on the food quality which is given in the schools to the children.

In Faridabad’s Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School mid-day meal supplied in which a baby snake was seen.  It is a government school.

After knowing about the baby snake found in the food, the children were instantly asked to stop eating the meal; however, some students had already consumed shares of the meal served to them.

Some of the students heaved soon after they ate the food.

The snake was observed when the principal and some other teachers tasted the meal.

School principal Braj Bala told about the incident to upper officials. The food was supplied by Iskcon food relief foundation and organization was also informed about the snake incident.

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