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Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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In Nodia, 55 students fall ill after taking deworming tablets, taken to hospital

On Thursday afternoon, half an hour after lunch, a Class V student at Madan Mohan Malviya Vidya Mandir in Sector 53 was given a ‘deworming’ tablet to chew by her teacher.

Half an hour later  the student and 54 others rushed to the district hospital since they got nausea and stomach ache after eating the tablet. 

According to police, around 1.30 pm, students aged between 9 and 15 years complained of abdominal pain and vomiting after they were given ‘Albendazole’ a deworming chewable tablet as part of National Deworming Day.

They were rushed to the Super Speciality Paediatric Institute in Noida Sector 30, where doctors “administered them medicines and checked them into the gastro-ward” before “declaring them out of danger”.

Under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the programme involves administering Albendazole tablets to children aged 1-19 in all schools and anganwadi centres.

Gautam Buddha Nagar Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Anurag Bhargava said it seems this was a reaction to the medicine among some students.

Mahesh Chauhan, principal, said, “There are around 600 students in the school, which is affiliated to the UP government. The medicine was provided to around 500 students. Later, 40-50 students complained of abdominal pain, headache and vomiting.”

The CMO added, “Ten students had vomited after taking the medicines. They were given water intravenously. Others had complained of stomach ache. While most of them were discharged within a few hours, one child who had complained of breathlessness was kept under observation for a few hours. He was discharged in the evening.”





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