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In Rajasthan – 26 died after a Marriage Hall wall Collapsed

In a Marriage Hall, some 26 people died which includes four children and some 28 people were bruised, this happened because a wall distorted when a tempest hit the state yesterday night.

Superintendent of Police in Bharatpur said that wall and a tin hut were devoted at the wedding hall, and got distorted during storm hit yesterday night. In the incident, 26 injured and 15 were in serious condition.

Injured people have been hurried to the nearest hospital.

A FIR is registered against the hall manager on the ground of triggering death by carelessness. The hall manager is already detained for questioning regarding this matter.

On the incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed his condolence and he has also declared a recompense of Rs. 2 lakhs for the kinfolk of died people and Rs. 50,000 for the extremely incapacitated persons.

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