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In South Delhi, more than 150 students rushed to hospital after gas leak

South Delhi: Today morning, it is reported that more than 150 school students of Rani Jhansi School were rushed to hospital after a gas leakage happened from a vessel depot in Tughlakabad.

As per the police, they received a call in between 7:35 am today morning and were informed about some compound leakage at customs zone of Tughlakabad depot. The depot is situated close to Rani Jhansi School; this is girl school and run by Delhi government.  

After the call, police and CATS ambulances reached the spot.  In school, many students whined of crossness in eyes and throat because of leakage. In the incident place, National Disaster Response Force also reached.

DCP of Southeast told that compound leakage at customs zone of Tughlakabad depot has produced eye crossness to the students in Rani Jhansi School. All affected students were admitted to three different hospitals nearby. Also, police said that cradle of gas leakage is not yet found. 

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister mentioned that all the students are well and he has orderly the zone district judge and SDM to start an investigation into the gas leakage event at the container depot, Tughlakabad.

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