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In Sydney, a Pilot lands Helicopter near McDonald to buy food

Hunger can demand anything and its example has just come across from Sydney Australia. In an unusual mobile recording, it appeared that a man is walking away from a McDonald’s to a helicopter with a tan carryout bag and then he takes off. 

As per the Nine News, the residents near McDonald’s were shocked once they witnessed a helicopter pilot land his grinder on the prairie and come out to get some food himself. Somebody recorded the video of the amazing episode. The person forwarded the video to the news channel. The person who recorded the incident said that he assumed due to the emergency helicopter landed.

The incident took place Saturday evening in the Sydney. A representative from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority told if the pilot took consent from the lawn owner, then the landing will not become technically illegal.

Administrators have not established about pilot detail as a man claiming to be the pilot who landed the helicopter and speaking on a famous Australian radio and he claimed about permission of landing on the lawn. 

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