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In UP’s Ghaziabad police search hotels and catch 50 couples in the rooms

Ghaziabad’s SSP ordered raids in a clandestine manner and police lifted 50 couples from Delhi-NCR’s two hotels in the commercial market.

Yesterday senior superintendent of police decided to eliminate the area circle officer and further he suspended his driver and the local police-post in-charge on doubt of helping corrupt doings in hotels located in Bazaria market.


On complaint by residents, the raid was done, the residents were unhappy with doings of the hotel owners, he was allegedly charging Rs 500-1000 for corrupted activities.

Formerly the raids on Arya Deep and Devender hotels, a police team were directed to explore the location. SSP got grievances that twosomes typically arrive during 11am to 2pm and spoil in erotic doings in hotel rooms.

In the raid several police teams which include women officers were sent for astonishment hunts and caught 50 couples in the hotel rooms. 

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