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In year 2015-16, about 9.76 lakh application were filled in India under RTI Act

RTI act is one of the act which can be used bay any common man to raise query on government departments. In year 2015-16, about 9.76 lakh applications were received under the Right to Information Act by Indians which has witnessed growth above 20% if compare with last year.


As per the central information commission’s annual report, out of 10, some 4 RTI applications were rejected on covert grounds. In year 2014-15, some 7.55 lakh RTI applications were received.

CIC raised forfeits of approx. Rs 10.52 lakh in which Rs 9.41 lakh paid up by the public information officers.

Some 47% of RTI applications were rejected under various clauses in section eight of the RTI act then some 1% of applications were rejected under Section 9 and 7% of the RTI applications were rejected by the 26 security and intelligence organizations.

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