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Incredibles 2 Movie Review

Release Date: June 22, 2018       
Cast: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Huck Milner, Catherine Keener, Eli Fucile, Bob Odenkirk, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush
Director: Brad Bird
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Duration: 1 hour 58 minutes

The sequel to the widely appreciated ‘The Incredibles’ that was released in 2004, Incredibles 2 follows on the journey of the Parr family. The movie utilizes the prevailing popular theme, which is all about superheroes ending up doing more damage than good. In the first installment of the franchise, the Parr family had saved the city of Metroville, but despite that the superheroes remain to be decommissioned. We have seen this theme being used in various movie franchises such as Captain America, X-Men, etc. The question whether we really need superheroes is currently a hotly debated topic and it is being used in various movie franchises.

Incredibles 2 catches up on the life of Parr family, who are living a largely nondescript life. However, there appears to be a turnaround in their lives when siblings Winston (Bob Odenkirk) and Evelyn Deavor (Catherine Keener) give a new mission to Elastigirl (Holly Hunter). Since Elastigirl will be on the mission, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is given the responsibility to take care of the kids and manage the affairs at home. Mr. Incredible takes up the job reluctantly since managing the kids proves even more difficult than fighting the bad guys. Things get more complicated when their city is threated by a powerful villain that has the ability to control and manipulate people’s minds.

The job reversal is one of the highlights of the movie and it makes for some very hilarious moments that will definitely tickle your funny bone. The movie is fast-paced and the narrative is engaging, which keeps the audience hooked. Among the kids, Jack-Jack Parr, the youngest of them all is the one who steals the show. He is too small to speak, but his superpowers are growing unbounded, which creates a variety of hilarious situations. The animation and special effects are the best that we have seen and they provide for an immersive experience.

Incredibles 2 is a true delight for every age group. If you like animation and superhero movies, you can definitely watch this with the entire family.

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