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India A Nation Of Political Struggle

It is nothing new that India is a land of political conflict and it has been the scenario since the time of British domination over India. When we look at the current situation of India, every state is directly or indirectly indulge in a political issue. As a matter of fact, every nations of the world face political crisis and issues. However, India being the seventh largest country follow a complex institutional  rules which has made it a home of major political struggle.

Being a country which is neither a socialist nor capitalist, India follow a mixed economy, whereby unncessary liberty has also become an issue in the liberal formation of political parties.

When compared with the rest of the world, our country witness tremendous rise in political parties, while other nation are having a shrink in political parties. Due to over population political parties and counting there is no prominent opposition to check fraud of ruling parties and its allies. This has led to profuse corruption by whichever party that is voted to power. There is a wide gap between national,state and regional parties. What one party support the other defers. The impact of this conflict is that,the people favouring different parties has created a space,whereby disunity and hatred has taken root.

If the trauma continues, India will observe a phase where we will once again witness states being divided into ‘Princely Kingdoms’. The core of this issue is because of the lack in mutual co-operation,reasoning,prejudice and harmony among leaders and followers. In such a system,the word ‘progress’ is invisible. Another major factor responsible is the fact that the young individual are not given the privilege and platform to exercise their ideas and thoughts.

Our society is illusioned by the ideology that the older we grow, the wiser we become. However,it is not the truth,in recent years the rise of individuals regardless of age has tremendously proved their capabilities and skills. We need to break away from the belief that “the old is right and the young is naïve”. In this regard, the older citizen should understand that we respect their age and experience but we don’t wear warm clothes in summer. India is a proud country and it has he potential to be the greatest nation. However,in order to achieve this goal,certain sacrifice must be made,some party need to perish some ideologies has to be buried. We need to stop this ignorant and blame game but learn to listen too.

A good Government is only possible with the existence of a strong opposition. Let us co-operate,improvise and lift one another. We have a proud country,let us live like the one and i.e, through mutual love and support.

By: Toto K Zhimo

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