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Friday , 21 June 2019
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India-Bangladesh Border has broad and bottomless cattle smuggling movement  


Parliament Standing Committee listed a report on border security in Rajya Sabha in recent budget session and pointed out many safety gaps in the India-Bangladesh Border (IBB), the committee is controlled by P Chidambaram. As per the report at IBB, there is huge cattle smuggling connection. Even after numerous actions taken by the Border Security Force, the issue of cattle smuggling still is going on at large scale.


The committee suggested that the state government should take up actions to stop licenses of all cattle haats that are unlawfully working within 8 kms of the border area. The report says that West Bengal state government has unsuccessful to instrument its own ordinance that it will be a crime if any cattle haats exists within 8 kms of the border area. Also, it is recommended that bulk drive and dealing of cattle should be banned within 15 kms of the border.


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