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Friday , 24 May 2019
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India Failing To Deter on Condemn Racist Attacks,Say African Envoys

India didn’t do enough to stop attacks on Africans in Greater Noida last month, a statement by a group of African envoys has said, the first official reaction to the assaults that triggered nationwide condemnation.

A statement by the Heads of African Mission dated March 31 called for a condemnation of the attacks at the highest level in India and demanded an independent investigation by human rights bodies. The document also called the attacks “racist” and xenophobic”.

“The Heads of African Mission… reviewed the previous instances taken place and concluded that no known, sufficient and visible deterring measures were taken by the government of India,” the statement said.

In regards to the unfortunate incident in Greater Noida, the African Heads of Mission…take note that these reprehensible events, both outstanding and unresolved cases against Africans, weren’t sufficiently condemned by Indian authorities.”

Provoked locals in Greater Noida thrashed several Africans in a burst of fury following the death of a 17-year-old boy of a suspected drug overdose last month. Residents blamed the Africans of manipulating the youth with drugs.

Appearing video of the assault went viral on social media that showed locals kicking and punching a Kenyan man, sparking widespread outrage. The government has said it enforced strict security but many Africans report feeling insecure and threatened.

Minister Sushma Swaraj – External Affairs Minister tweeted that she has spoken to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and sought a report on the horrific assault,part of which was fined and circulated on social media.

As per the foreign ministry- The attacks would not be called  as racial till the investigation progresses and offers more information.

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