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India goes down 0-3 to USA in the classification match of Hawke’s Bay Cup

New Delhi, 18 April 2015: The classification match between India and USA witnessed yet another round of an exciting clash as each team looked at creating pressure through their attacks and cashing on the opportunities. It was USA which managed to capitalize and going on to beat India 3-0.

Immediately into the match both teams started with an intention of score the initial goal and taking one up in the match. In the 10th minute USA got a penalty corner in their name which they converted through the stick of Kathleen Sharkey. Not wasting further time they doubled their accounts in the 14th minute Katie O’Donnell scored through a smart field goal. Wit 2-0 on board, USA was leading the first quarter.

The second quarter was a session where both teams increased their tempo of attack and looked at scoring on the chances. India was looking at opening their account and decreasing the goal margin but were unable to open accounts at the end of first half leaving the scores at 2-0 in favour if USA.

The third quarter was almost the same story as the second quarter where both the teams were seen on their business sides of the field. Just two minutes left into the quarter India had a go at the penalty corner. But they missed as the variation did not go in their favour. India continued their attack in the opponents D and just seconds left into the session USA counter attacked and a long pass to Katie O’Donnell resulted in her entering the D, beating one Indian defender and goalies to score the third goal for her team.

Realizing that it being the last session for them to score, India maintained good ball possession and attack on the opponent’s semi-circle. But unable to score, India lost the match 0-3 to USA. Tomorrow India will play for the 7th / 8th position.

India will play their next match on 19th April 2015 against Japan at 0530 IST. The matches will be LIVE Streamed on

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