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India is 2nd in the world for Android App downloads

India has overtaken US to become the 2nd nation in the world for the most number of Android App downloads. India is next only to China. With 355 million users, the google play store witnessed 6 billion app downloads last year alone.

The figures were just 4 billion a year earlier and has witnessed more than 50% jump during the last year. Only US crossed 6 billion mark app downloads next only to India.

The launch of major telecom disruption services by Jio is believed to the major cause since it brought down the cost of internet broadband to a greater extent which was earlier pegged at close to USD2.5 and had come down to a mere 17 cents. Jio earlier announced that its users are downloading data worth 100 crore GB every month since its services were introduced in the Indian market.

With the advent of cheaper smartphones where 9 out of 10 are running on android, there is no wonder that India could able to breach the mark. With regards to spending time on smartphone, India stood first with close to 150 billion man hours spent on it which was a 50% jump compared to the previous year with Brazil coming at distant second with 110 billion man hours.

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