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India to boycott China’s belt & road forum

India is set to boycott the most expected belt and road forum by China which begins at Beijing today in view of sovereignty concerns related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. 

The Belt and Road forum is an initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

India has not given an official statement on the boycott. However, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said “Although Indian leader is not here, India will have a representative.”

The event is expected to be attended by members from various countries Including a top official from the US. What has surprised many is Japan agreeing to send its top official. It is to be noted here that the relationship between China and Japan are sour with the main focus on disputed islands in the East China Sea.

A number of other countries, including South Korea, France, Germany and UK, have deputed either ministerial or official delegations. Pakistan PM Nawa Sheriff is expected to be in the limelight since the country has received an investment of USD 46 billion in various energy and infrastructure related projects.

Srilankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe is also expected to attend this meet since the country has received around USD 8 billion in investments from China.

China has tried to persuade India by asserting that the commercial corridor will not have any impact on its stand that the Kashmir issue should be settled by India and Pakistan through dialogue. 

The 3,000 km long project connecting Pakistan’s deep-water port Gwadar and China’s Xinjiang wll become the naval base. The Gwadar Port which is taken over by China will give it access to Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.


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