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#IndiaFitness – Gaining weight without eating so much

#IndiaFitness , Newspastrolling team did a survey, recently and met with many people suffering from over weight problem  and take their views, opinion on their food habits.

You will not believe they gave a single tone. We don’t eat too much and also avoid street & fried food but still gaining weight. Why?

Do you people ever sit and think Why you all are unsuccessful in maintaining a good health and physic after doing Gym, Yoga, Dance, following proper diet chart etc.

Answer of all queries is Diversion from Natural Environment – Many peoples complaint they are gaining weight just due to water. DELHI KA PAANI MOTA KARTA HA.

But all these is false, myth of mind and distance from true facts. Quality, balanced diet, work out and love with nature will make you happy from inside, You will enjoy and do your job more efficiently.

Implement following facts in your life, be evident of changes :


  • Wake up early in morning.
  • Have some boiled water empty stomach
  • Drink as much as possible to detoxify your body. Ex – 10 litre
  • Be fresh and brush teeth first then do anything else otherwise mouth germs will go inside your body will disturb digestion system.
  • Do exercise and morning walk.
  • Do surya Namaskar – Morning sun rays will filter your body after passing through water
  • Have milk
  • Can have heavy break-fast but not heavy dinner because you have full to digest morning food.
  • Eat boiled food in night or some daal
  • Have boiled water after food and time to time to make free  your body walls from fats and other de-hygienic products
  • Use stairs if you are healthy enough.

Don’t do:

  • Don’t eat without brushing.
  • Don’t eat too much fried food
  • Avoid road side fried food
  • Eat less but eat hourly. If you make hunger yourself. It will cause gas and other problems in body
  • Avoid potatoes and potatoes made items.
  • Don’t eat pre-cooked food.
  • Don’t drink too much – 30ml daily work as medicine for body.
  • Don’t sit for a long time on work-place. And keep changing pose.
  • Stop too much obsession of mobiles.
  • Do out-doors activity.
  • Don’t eat pizza, burger, pakodas. They used very low quality ingredients except some big and branded food courts.

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