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Thursday , 24 January 2019
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Indian Army to get its first attack helicopters – Boeing Apache

In a first for the Indian Army, the armed forces will be getting attack helicopters for the first time. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) today gave its approval for the acquisition of six Apache attack helicopters. These advanced attack helicopters will be procured from Boeing Corporation in the United States. The helicopters and associated equipment would cost around Rs 4,168 crore. The Army had wanted attack helicopters for a long time and now the wait is finally over. It is expected that the Apache attack helicopters will significantly boost the Army’s fight capabilities. The Apache attack helicopters are known for their ferocity and have proven a great asset for US Army in various combat situations across the world.

The Apache attack helicopters are loaded with fire-and-forget Hellfire missiles. It can track up to 128 targets every minute and engage them as per priority. The Hellfire missiles are tipped with anti-armor substances, which make them very effective against armored vehicles such as tanks and bullet-proof vehicles. The Army will be testing these helicopters and if these meet local conditions, the Army will procure more of these attack helicopters. The Army has plans to procure 39 Apache attack helicopters in total. The helicopters will be operated by Army pilots since these helicopters often have to work in close coordination with ground forces.

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