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Indian Auto LPG Coalition (IAC) demands change in archaic Type

Approval norms governing vehicle conversions to gaseous fuels

The apex body of auto LPG suppliers in India has asked the Ministry of Road Transport to change the Type approval norms that are acting as a huge detriment to the retro-fitment market in India. The regulations that act as a deterrent to conversion industry will be a major impediment to the rollout of the ambitious City Gas Distribution Project.

Suyash Gupta, Director General, Indian Auto LPG Coalition says both the LPG and CNG conversion industry have been struggling with the current norms and a shortage of conversion providers is stalling the rollout of gaseous fuels in the country.

Companies in India have to get their type approvals renewed every three years, the total costs for a company for obtaining type approval renewal for the LPG and CNG range with model approvals is almost Rs. 4 crores each time.

 Rs. 4 crores each time. The punishing rules have resulted in a rapid dwindling of the number of players in the retro-fitment market and encourage illegal operators to thrive. The laws in India have no precedence either in the EU or the US where one-time approvals are granted and hold good until there is any change in the component.

Even as the Prime Minister has been pushing for a greater roll-out of cleaner fuels, the Type Approval norms stand as a major impediment to his vision. Gaseous fuels like Auto LPG and CNG are a viable environment-friendly alternative for our country that is reeling under the impact

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