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Monday , 19 August 2019
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Indian Chat Line: Alive and Well

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Stuck in between years of sexual conservatism and the blatant eroticism offered by the internet, India turns to the vintage comfort of phone sex.

India has had a tumultuous history with sexuality. From a country that brought us such sexually liberating and enlightening texts as the Kamasutra, it’s often surprising to see the country as sexually repressed in modern times. However, sexual conservatism still held a firm grasp on the majority of the country, until recently.

Many scholars and residents of the country believe that India is finding itself in the middle of an underground revolution. In October of 2018, new ground was broken as legislators were forced to overturn colonial-era rulings regarding archaic sexual decency laws. Which was seen as a huge win for many of the country’s LGBTQ+ population. Even with the revolution gaining force, the religious and sect based prudish beliefs regarding acceptable practices of sexuality and love have left many Indians feeling lonely and confused.

Which is something that Indian Sex Talk has seen firsthand. The company is an internet-based phone sex provider that has been producing happy customers since 2010. The company released a yearly roundup of what their customers habits of phone sex were. “I don’t think it should surprise anyone that phone sex is still a service that is in high demand. What we found when we analyzed our yearly data that was surprising, was that a large number of the calls we field aren’t of an erotic nature.” Says a spokesperson for the company. 

The Not Phone Sex

The company goes on to tell us that more than 35% of all the calls made to their platform have more to do with intimacy than they do with sex. “We’re finding that while people still obviously enjoy the sexy encounters of a beautiful Indian fantasy, we also have clients that are looking for something more intimate.” The company said that they’re not only seeing an increase in these non-sexually charged calls, they’re also seeing an increase in the length of these calls.

“A lot of these calls often turn into some form of friendship or are advisory by nature. Quite often men just want to talk to someone because they are feeling lonely or bored.” They wrote in the recent press release. Indian Sex Talk has found that many of their clients are looking for conversations that don’t just include dirty talk. Clients can enjoy discussions about sexual fantasies, but they can also ask about romantic queries, engender friendships, and speak about issues they may not be comfortable having with friends and families. In a country that is still so conservative, having outlets to express different desires and needs can be extremely positive.

The company is proud to cater to the needs of all different clients, from all different walks of life, with any number of desires. 

Meeting Needs

The company is continually striving to add to their provider lists, with women from all over India, that speak a multitude of different languages. The information that they have gathered from their years of dominating the business, the company has found that they cater to a client base that is far reaching.

The top ten cities that they cater to are found all over India, each with a different cultural identity. Bangalore, Pune, and New Delhi are the companies top three client bases in India. If you’re not familiar with Indian geography, these three cities are located in the far south, center, and north of the massive country, respectively. The rest of the top ten cities that call in most often are located all over the country, covering almost the entire landmass.

And clients don’t stop there. The company says that they have callers from all over the world- America, Pakistan, the UK, Singapore, Australia – their worldwide representation is almost as inclusive as their local reach. 

Old-School Charm

No matter what people are looking for, Indian Sex Talk hopes to deliver, and continue delivering well. “There’s something really comforting about being able to enjoy the freedom to discuss personal issues with a real person, without the pressure of a face-to-face meeting.” So, if you’re looking for some sweet eroticism, or a deeply intimate chat, consider kicking it old school with the type of customer service that the golden era made modern. Try shutting off the computer and firing up the phone line, it just might surprise you.

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