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Indian Firms ‘Gaming’ H-1B Visa System: US Lawmaker Darrell Issa

In a direct attack on Indian IT firms, the California Congressman Darrell Issa claimed that Indian IT firm have tweaked the H-1B Visa System. He also claimed that his recently introduced law of  increasing the salary of H-1B workers will bring the best talents to the US and help fix the flaws in the existing H-1B system.

H-1B Visa

Congressman Darrell Issa attacked the Indian IT firms during an event hosted by Atlantic Council at the Capitol Visitor Center. He said that President Trump supports the bill and Senate will pass the bill. He alleged that Indian companies have “gamed the system” and made the “best use of this flawed immigration system”. 

Congressman Darrell Issa said, “You can’t have 75 per cent of a programme going to an Indian-owner, Indian operated, Indian employee visas and not say that this is distortion.”

He claimed that it would be interesting that India would be concerned that a relatively simple change (in H-1B visas) that does not target India, somehow happens to be accommodation for India.

Under the  current regime H1-B workers are joining firms at American soil at about $60-65,000, which is pretty absurd considering these are high-skilled visas. Darrell also claimed that increasing salary would raise the quality of people coming to the US.

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