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Indian’s occupy top positions in UK Wealthy List

Brexit may not have favoured many across U.K but it has been most favourable for few businessmen, most of them are Indians are Person of Indian Origin(PIO) settled in the U.K. The list has seen a phenomenal increase of wealth compared to the last year. To put it simply, the wealth commanded by Top 1000 wealthy individuals last year is now been controlled by Top 500 wealthy individuals.

It is not a surprise that Hinduja Brothers to be featured in the wealthy list but what surprised many is their position in the list. They are ranked #1 this year with a combined wealth of 16.2 billion pounds. Sri and Gopi Hinduja saw their fortunes rising in 2017. Along with them there are around 134 billionaires. The minimum requirement for the list was pegged at 110 Million Pounds. In 1997, the minimum requirement was pegged at 15 Million Pounds.

The combined net worth of these billionaires is 658 Billion Pounds which is 14% higher than the previous year according t the Sunday Times.

Hinduja Brothers latest foray is the conversion of The Old War Office in London into a ultra luxury five-star hotel along with 88 apartments for the world’s super-rich.

Ukrainian-born American businessman Len Blavatnik is placed at second with 15.98 Billion Pounds followed by siblings Simon and David Reuben with 14 Billion Pounds. Lakshmi Mittal of Arceleor Mittal made it to the list yet again but this time, he was placed at No.4 

Mittal is the top gainer in the list with his family adding 6 Billion Pounds in just over a year pegging his personal wealth at 13.22 Billion Pounds. Alishar Usmanov is at 5th with a fortune of 11.79 billion pounds. It is interesting to note that no Briton has made it to Top 5 this year.

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