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Indians should aspire to achieve highest quality: Goyal

New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) With the Indian society becoming increasingly “aspirational”, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday made an impassioned plea to citizens to also aspire for the goal of achieving the highest quality in all spheres of activity.

“The aspiration of the nation has to change… People have to think of what could be the way to make this country aspirational for the goal of achieving the highest quality,” Goyal said, while addressing the 12th national conclave of the state-run Quality Council of India.

“What is truly impacting this country’s competitive edge to serve the world,” Goyal, who has recently been promoted to cabinet rank, asked, and said in response himself that “ultimately it is quality”.

Speaking of how many Indian export products face rejection because of failing to meet global standards, the minister said that India’s role model should be a country like Japan, “which has zero-tolerance on quality”.

“The has to be a national movement to instil the sense of quality across all areas of life… We need to also put this into politicians.

“We will be stuck till we don’t come of the ‘adjustment’ psychology, of ‘managing’ somehow… These words have to be removed from our dictionary,” he added.

He also said the Quality Council has played a major role in helping generate “good processes and systems” in the delivery of government services and mentioned its work in improving coal quality and for thee railways.

Referring to recent major train accidents in India, Goyal said the Council would help in the investigation process.

“We’ll strengthen the investigation process, going into the minutest details of the accidents go in for root cause analysis,” he added.

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