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India’s Daughter wins Audience Award, Biografilm Contemporary Lives 2015 in Italy

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New Delhi, 16th June 2015: Leslee Udwin’s India’s Daughter receives Audience Award at Biografilm Contemporary Lives 2015 in Italy.  Biografilm Festival presents a selection of 10/15 great premieres in the section titled “Contemporary Lives”, section that aim to reflect tensions, questions and themes from contemporary society.

India’s Daughter is an INDIA-UK co-production, which tells the story of the horrific Delhi gang rape of NIRBHAYA which sent shockwaves around the world in December, 2012, and of the unprecedented protests and riots which this horrific event ignited throughout India, demanding changes in attitudes towards women.

Speaking on the occasion, Leslee Udwin said, “I am so thrilled and honored to receive this award. I thank Biografilm , an exceptional festival, the audience, and Berta Film who are my Italian distributors. I dedicate this award to Jyoti Singh, India’s daughter, our daughter, and the daughter of the whole world.  Jyoti means ‘light’ and as her enlightened and extraordinary parents said: her life was sacrificed to dispel the darkness of gender inequality. This is the disease of which rape, trafficking, child marriage and all the violations of women’s human rights are the symptoms” 

She further added, “I want to end by pointing out how very special of this award is to me and my team. It’s not the first one we have won, but it’s the first one which we will actually receive. The most recent award we won from an Indian news organization, NBC, was notified to us but then withdrawn on the night of the award ceremony because there were members of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the audience who threatened the organizers with arrest if they actually gave us the award.

Biografilm Festival was established in 2005 in the city of Bologna, within a territory with a rich cultural heritage and academic tradition.   Bologna, home of the oldest university in the world, is the seventh largest Italian city in terms of population and it represents a lively and important cultural and artistic center.

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