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Indore’s Sweetheart Tells All

ankita lokhande

For actor Ankita Lokhande, the stage of India Today’s youth summit held at Ravindra Natya Graha, Indore was nothing less than walking down the memory lane.

Ankita recalls performing on the same stage as a child back in her school days, and says, “I want to thank India Today for calling me here, as this is the same stage where I used to perform as a kid for our school’s annual functions. Born and brought up in Indore, I have lots and lots of memories with their city. I remember how my brother used to get me a plate of poha at 4 AM from Rajwada every day. At the age of 4,I had decided that I wanted to become an actor. I shared my dream with my mother and I asked her to speak to Bapu, my grandfather, in this regard.”

She quickly talks about how Indore holds a special place in her heart, as it is where she was born and brought up. Coming from the television world, Ankita made her entry to the silver screen with Manikarnika. Yet, she calls television, a difficult job than Bollywood.

“Both television and movies are different than each other. From my experience, television is far difficult as it has more hours of work. Once, I had to shoot for an episode while I was suffering with dengue fever. I have come from television and I will never leave that industry. It is just that as an actor I am trying to explore new horizons of my career through films.” she said.


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