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Infant mortality dropped by 68% in past 41 years

In past 41 years, Infant mortality has dropped by 68% in India and a national health program for children achieved this change.

However, Infant mortality of 41 deaths per 1,000 live deliveries is still inferior to many shoddier countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. In Bangladesh, it is 31 and in Nepal, it is only 29.

Some 42 years before the integrated child development scheme was started, and its achievements and disappointments emulate India’s incapability to advance health services to contest the development in its economy.

In India, Integrated child development scheme was hurled in 1975 to be capable of providing pre-school and non-formal schooling also to halt undernourishment, illness, reduced and mortality.

Data says that integrated child development scheme has benefited 99.3 million and about 1.4 million anganwadi centres are opened across the country till last year December.

When India has abridged its infant mortality rate by 68%, but still we must see to IMR of 41 deaths per 1,000 live deliveries which are inferior.

The fund allocation for integrated child development scheme has been increased by 4.7 percent in the union budget for this financial year 2017-18. Earlier it was Rs 14,560 crore in the last financial year 2016-17, which has touched Rs 15,245 in 2017-18.

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