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Infrequent genetic illness making 23 years old girl into stone

23 years girl, Jasmin Floydis is becoming stone gradually. At the time of birth, there was a small bump on her toe which kept increasing. Later when she was about 5 years, her neck started getting stiffed. She told to her parents about the pain and stiffness she has on her neck, but parents ignored thinning it was just pain and stiffness because  of here wrong way of sleeping . Later on her neck was not able to move. Jasmin Floydis  lives in America.


She was taken to doctor for the diagnosing the problem. Her illness was said to be scoliosis, Lyme disease and even cancer but eventually doctor diagnosed Floyd with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive which is rare genetic disorder that hardens muscles and other soft part to bone and she was among 300 people in America who are living with this illness disorder.

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