Breaking News, an advanced AI start-up, trains over 1000 professionals under it’s Knowledge Series

to make the future workforce AI ready. is a core-AI startup, undertakes successful ‘EIP’ (External Internship Programs) twice under its Knowledge Series to educate and upskill the understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning among the Tech Professionals.

The program is a step towards reskilling and upskilling Indian IT workforce in next-gen technologies, to enable them to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the customers.With over 1000 professionals trained across 6 months period, the EIP Program has catered to brands like Ernst and Young, Cognizant Technology Solutions, NVIDIA, Capgemini, SAP Labs, KNAB Finance and several others.

With this initiative, Inkers bolsters its mission to transform Indian traditional IT industries into a digital organization with a future-ready workforce to meet the demands of hands-on experience in AI and ML. Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Rohan Shravan, Founder, says, “We started EIP with the core objectives of imparting Stanford level skills in AI/ML while keeping the content and concepts up-to-date. There are tons of online/office courses, but we rarely found those helping professionals develop intuition behind deep neural networks, most of them, in fact, ending much before delving deeper into CNN/GANs/RL. We are facing a tremendous challenge in getting the right talent for Inkers, and we thought of solving this problem for all AI companies. We are proud today that EIP 1 and 2 were extremely successful, attracting more than 1000 professionals from nearly all the companies you can think of.”

Expressing his thoughts on the development, Mohanakrishnan, Head – CoE, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, NASSCOM, said, “Our industry is in a compelling need for skill development at present which should be treated with utmost priority. As we move towards Industry 4.0, with the overly dynamic trends of the industry, constant changes in technologies and the way businesses operate, there is a very advanced skill set required by the workforce. It is imperative that we equip our work force to deal with futuristic technologies such as AI, ML, robotics, blockchain etc. As technology permeates through various industries, this symbiosis of skills and innovation will not only be well absorbed across industries but also help co-create a powerful digital learning ecosystem.”

Inkers, backed by Flipkart Founder, conducts its EIP programs free of cost in Bangalore as a part of its Upskilling Knowledge Series Program. 

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