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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
Breaking News

Insider Attack in Afghan – 7 US soldiers injured

There has been an attack in northern Afghanistan which targeted the Camp at Shaheen. Seven US military service members were wounded.

The injured personals have been evacuated for medical treatment. There has been no causality reported by the US Troops.

The attack was reportedly by an afghan Soldier and it is termed as a insider act. The attack has caused injury to four other foreign soldiers.

The head of strategic communication and public affairs for the 209 Shahin Corps said that Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense is investigating the attack.

Just in the month of April, a massive attack in April on the same Shaheen base by Taliban militants left scores of Afghan soldiers dead.

There has been a series of attacks lately which targeted the US army based in Afghanistan, Earlier this week, a convoy carrying US and Afghan forces was struck by a roadside bomb and came under small arms fire. The convoy returned fire in self-defense, and there were no US casualties, NATO said in a statement.

Coalition countries, led by the United States, are considering sending thousands more troops to Afghanistan to help advise and assist Afghan forces struggling against Taliban and Islamic State militants.

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