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International Animal Rescue releases a chimpanzee caged over 2 years

Indonesia: According to the International Animal Rescue released a chimpanzee from West Kalimantan province of Indonesia.

The rescue team said that chimpanzee spent two years alone in a petite, dim wooden cage. His name is Kotap, and he is a 4-year-old.

Kotap was kept in a 10 Sq. Ft container by his holder, Baco. The chimpanzee was only aware of sounds which he used to witness when people used to pass by his wooden container and irregular visits from his holder.

International Animal Rescue told that Kotap was in a cage with a plastic bottle and a straw inside. He was wavering when forestry department tried to persuade him out of the cage.

As per chimpanzee’s holder Baco, he received Kotap as a gift from some men in the village of Ketapang.

Now, International Animal Rescue will keep Kotap with other rescued chimpanzee at the Rescue’s centre. Luckily, He will get an opportunity to go back to the jungle.

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