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Pakistan cannot hang Kulbhushan Jadhav till final action comes from ICJ

Today the International Court of Justice held the performance of Kulbhushan Jadhav and supported India’s factual to consular admittance to the previous marine officer.

This is surely enormous political win for India in international platform against Pakistan.  

Now the concluding decision is anticipated in August 2017 by International Court. Justice Ronny Abraham said that court discoveries in favour of India’s appeal that no performance of Jadhav should be permissible till it has inclined the case. The international court said that seeing the arguments, privileges raised by India are reasonable and the court also noted that the Vienna agreement includes those established remorseful under fear and spying. 

The court also observed that charges fall within Article 36 of Vienna Convention and the dispute was about consular access. ICJ judge Ronny Abraham said the circumstances of Jadhav’s arrest remains disputed. 

The International court of justice was established by UN court for determining arguments between countries, and decisions of ICJ are concluding and compulsory. Yet the court has no resources to apply its decisions and they have infrequently remained overlooked. 

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