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In this smart world we don’t have enough time to care about our environment and make it clean. We see garbage on roadside & we feel unpleasant with that. Nothing impossible in this world, if impossible wins, our India would have not achieved this much growth in all domains. But still we are lagging in keeping our environment clean. Since all fields has tasted the usage of technology and internet except in our environment status. And this is true that technology and internet is not yet implemented on cleaning. So, it would be more better if any powerful technology emerges to make change for this issue, strongly our India will stand out in lead among other counties. The main idea is to make both social service & making the power of internet access. Since, world is not losing its population, as people get increase then usage will get increase, so simultaneously garbage’s also get increases. In fact a countries growth is mainly depend on economy & environment. The young students has to be encouraged more to get solutions to solve the problems against environmental issues. That will lead the countries to green and safer.22.11.12-Smart-cities-350x300

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