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Interview with Mumbai based numerologist, Priyanka Kuumar

Presenting Numerology as a science and not as a mystic tool is the approach with which Priyanka Kuumar operates. She offers Numerology based services to masses as a method to support and enhance the results of the good karma they are doing, not as something which they need only when they are facing problems. Her presentation is always straight-forward, fact based and devoid of all the drama that is typically associated with traditional practitioners of mystic science.

In a freewheeling conversation, Priyanka Kuumar discusses about how she got interested in the field of Numerology, uniqueness of her approach and her desire to take benefits of Numerology to the masses.

Q: Normally Numerology, Astrology, etc are family professions. Are you also a part of a similar family tree? How did you learn Numerology?

A: You will be surprised to know that I am a first-generation Numerologist. No one in my family is even remotely associated with this profession. In fact, by training I am a fashion designer and I have been also teaching and facilitating workshops. However, at the subconscious level I always had interest in numbers. When I was a child, I had picked up a book by Cheiro and my journey of learning numerology started from there. Much later in my career, I did a formal certification course from Centre of Excellence, London. This helped me acquire a global view of all the principles and methods that experts in this field have been using for thousands of years.All my learning has come from the primary and secondary research that I have been doing in this field for past many years.

Q: You say that Numerology is a science? What is the basis for that?

A: I look at Numerology as a science where you study and define the input that you are providing and ensure that a predictable output is obtained with a high level of probability. When I present my Numerology Reports, the first question I ask my clients is – “How much are you able to associate yourself with this report?” In most of the cases, the association level is more than 90%. However, I always tell people that Numerology and its recommendations are secondary, the most important aspect that defines success is your Karma.

Q: What is unique about your approach? There are so many numerologists, astrologers, tarot readers in the market, how are you different?

A: First of all, I want to make it clear that my primary objective is to take the benefits of Numerology to the masses. Not as an occult practice but as a simple science which can help them. I am doing it through two channels:

  1. My YouTube Channel (Priyanka Kuumar), which has a large subscriber base and reach. I post one video every week and offer Numerology based knowledge and solutions to people. Many a times, I help people with name correction, etc free of cost through the comment section. My videos go viral often and that is how I am able to reach masses across the world and achieve my objective.
  2. My Brand Numberwrks (, through which I offer my services to people at the fraction of the cost which other well known numerologists charge.

I am a common man’s (or woman’s) Numerologist, and I don’t like the drama, look and feel with which other people present themselves. I am sure you would have seen some of those TV programs, etc and how their presentation looks like.

Q: Who are your main clients?

A: Common men and women, who are not well known but have faith in the power of Numerology. I am not a celebrity focused numerologist who would like to show off by throwing names to impress people. Many rich and famous people reach out to me offering any sort of fee for having personal consultation. I politely refuse them because my services are same for everyone. My clients are all over the world, connected with me with through the power of internet and reaping the benefits of this amazing science called Numerology.

Q: Final question – How do you plan to take Numberwkrs forward?

A: Numberwrks is a movement for me to reach the masses. I want to create awareness about Numerology, how it is a science and how one can get desired benefits by practicing it. I am also thinking of creating an online course on Numerology through which I can recruit more volunteers to support me in achieving this objective. My YouTube Channel (Priyanka Kuumar) and my website ( will continue to be my primary source to help people.

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