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Interview With The Founders Of One Of The Biggest Social Media Platforms In The World

So, here we are, with a story, a story of how two young people made it big, a story of Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale who not only defeated all the odds but emerged as the owners/founders of one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. How big, if you ask then let me tell you, the sum total crosses 30 million followers. That’s really huge, right? That’s exactly what No One Cares aka NOC is all about. And now, let’s talk and know more about these two and their story.

Q. What was the reason behind starting NOC? And what’s with the name?

Nikhil- It was in 2016 on 31st may when we started NOC. Satyam and I had been trying our lucks in the social media business but had little success.

Satyam- So, one day, we both decided to start something together. We already had some knowledge about Facebook pages and websites. We decided to start something that can be relatable to everyone as we never targeted any country or region we targeted everyone.

Q. As per my knowledge, you people managed to gain more than one lakh followers within 10 days. How did that happen?

Satyam- Well, we thought about it and invested a sum total of 15K. The investment was basically used for promotion.

Nikhil- We put our heart and soul into it and within 10 days, we had more than one lakh followers.

Q. And then what? Did you guys continue the paid promotion thing or worked on something else?

Nikhil- The thing about social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or anything as such is that they are content driven.

Satyam- We knew that we wouldn’t be able to continue with the paid promotions and hence, we started working on our content. NOC is all about comedy, emotions, trending news and anything and everything as such.

Q. When did you guys tasted the real success?

Satyam- I guess, it was the day when we received more than 2 lakh followers in a day.

Nikhil- Also, not to forget the day we got our Google ads.

Q. So, now NOC is not just a platform but a part of a company called Psifiako Media ltd. Can we know more about it?

Satyam- Psifiako is our brain child and a company of more than 20 permanent and part time people.

Nikhil- Jolly LLB 2’s makers approached us for promotions and that’s the day we knew something big was happening. We formulated a company and it has been the best thing ever since then.

Q. What next? Where can we see Psifiako Media and NOC in future?

Nikhil- As of now, we are working on our video unit, NOC videos. And soon, we will be expanding (more about that some other day).

Q. Two young boys from different states have achieved the impossible, what would you say about that?

Satyam- Trust me, nothing is impossible. All you got to do is decide that you want to do something big and start working towards it.

Nikhil- And there is something I would want to add on, it wasn’t just two of us. We have a team, a team of hardworking people from across the country. Some work from our office in Pune and others, from home.

Q. Any last words?

Nikhil- Work, follow your dreams. Don’t let people downgrade you, don’t let anyone tell you what you cannot do. Trust me, No One Cares about the times you failed or the moments when you felt defeated.

Satyam- Exactly, life is something which can be lived the way you want to. Work hard and be yourself.

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