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Introducing Unitii – An innovation in communication

A team of IT specialists have launched an innovative Cloud-based, affordable and modern intranet service – Unitii. The aim is to bring business communications into the 21st century. The team are already working with SMEs and charities across the UK.

WITH more people than ever working remotely and staff constantly on the move, an intranet is an essential tool, even within smaller companies.

And one South West firm has developed and launched an affordable, off-the-peg, flexible solution.

Unitii, based in Wiltshire, provides cloud-based intranet services for companies from as little as £5 per user per month.

Clients can choose from four off-the-shelf modules, so they can enjoy a set-up entirely suited to their specific needs. 

The modules include human resources, information management, communications, and forms and workflows. As companies can pick and choose which elements they want, they will only be paying for what they actually use.

Full support is on hand in the form of a dedicated account manager to make sure the process runs smoothly. Super user training is also offered at an extra cost.

Unitii was the idea of entrepreneur Steve Healy who founded local company ITS which later was sold on to become Vysiion. 

After the sale, Steve has invested in other local businesses but the idea for a new intranet solution was formed during his time with ITS.

He said: “We tried several intranet communication platforms as ITS was growing and none seemed to work in the way we required. They were often too cluttered, too much information and just too complex to use. I remember thinking ‘one day I’ll do something about this’ and now I have.”

The platform has been developed by the team at Boson Web, an award winning creative digital agency, based around Steve’s original idea. The vision is to offer a modern, user-friendly and affordable communication tool to tap into the growing need for the staff in companies of all sizes to effectively communicate with each other. 

This will also work effectively for companies with multiple sites, for franchise businesses which disparate franchisees and many other modern forms of business models. 

Steve said: “A well-designed intranet will improve efficiency and cut costs by allowing staff direct access to information and documents. It’s good for team-building as it keeps everyone in the loop and shares relevant and interesting news. 

“Whether a company has numerous locations and staff working remotely or has a small team but needs to keep tabs on workflow, an intranet helps collaboration and enables a firm to communicate efficiently, making it easier to get things done.”

Unitii is already available for as few as 20 users on flexible terms with no contract so companies can unsubscribe at any time without incurring a penalty, all adding to the low-risk nature of the service.

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