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Iran On Notice Over Recent Missile Test – US

Donald Trump is having some tough times ahead as countries around the world are doing what they want to do but not following his policies. Recently the Islamic Republic of Iran conducted missile tests and American stance was as expected tough and hard. The National Security Adviser (NSA) said that the US has put Iran on notice because of the recent missile test.

Iran On Notice

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did not refrain from accusing Barack Obama’s administration. He accused Obama for failing to respond adequately towards Iran’s malicious activities. He said that Iran has been put on notice because of recent missile test and Yemen atrocities by the Iran-backed rebels.

Without explaining the notice remark, he said that Iran has been feeling emboldened and from today onward its on notice.

Both US President Donald Trump and Michael Flynn are known for their tough stances on Iran and have been against the international deal which lifted many trade curbs from Iran.

The interesting times are ahead as the White House may seek for sanctions against Iran considering the test violates international deal and UN regulations regarding nuclear payload carrying capability of missiles tested on Sunday.  .


Officials said that they are evaluating the available strategic options and look forward to the UN for suggestion on how to deal with it.

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