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Iraqi blast kills 2 foreign journalist

Two journalist from different national identifies have been killed following a blast in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The journalists are identified as French National and a Kurdish.

French journalist Stephan Villeneuve (A video journalist who had covered a number of conflicts across the world) and two other French journalists were also wounded in the blast. Villeneuve later succumbed to his wounds, the broadcaster said in the early hours of Tuesday.

Kurdish reporter Bakhtiyar Addad, who was working with a French team as a fixer and interpreter, was killed in Monday’s explosion, according to public broadcaster France Televisions and global journalist rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders.

They were both taken to a hospital on a US military base following the explosion.

The journalists were accompanying Iraqi special forces during the battle to reconquer Mosul from ISIL, where more than 100,000 civilians are being used as “human shields” by the group’s fighters, according to the United Nations.

It is reported that so far  26 journalists have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of 2014, with at least three dying since the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS began in October 2016.


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