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Is India world’s most populous country!!

India is a second largest country in the world in population, but now this is claimed by researchers that India is the most populous country in the world.

As per the claim, China’s population calculation is not correct and in the current scenario, India is a most populous country in the world.

During an occasion at China’s Peking University on Monday, Yi Fuxian, an academic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said that between 1991 to 2016, in China 377.6 million new deliveries happened while official figure is quite high that is 464.8 million.

According to the researcher’s claim, in China, the total population is 1.29 billion while India’s population is about 1.32 billion. The researcher told that he was aware of the incorrect numbers and China announced wrong population data. He was a critic of China’s family-planning rules, also the one-child rule.

The study indicates that in China the population development has decreased largely and it was not revealed to others.

The researcher said that such policies were the reasons behind China’s economic development and China can never race with the USA. In coming years, China may also see the negative birthrate, he added.

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