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Friday , 22 February 2019
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Is it good to have milk and egg together?

is it good to eat egg and milk together newspatrolling

Whenever we consider about the healthy breakfast, we always want to have something well. A well done omelette with a glass of milk at once comes to our mind. It sounds wonderful and super healthy but is it actually? From the time we have been hearing that eggs and milk should not eat together as they may cause disorder and disaster on your health. Improper food can create digestive disorders, fermentation and gas formation in your stomach.

We all know that eggs are a large source of protein, amino acids and healthy fats and milk consists of protein and calcium which are necessary for our health. The combination of egg and milk might not have an effect on your health straight away, but it is causing harm to your body over time if is eaten inappropriately. Reason is, the dissimilarity in the formation of the proteins makes it hard to be digested collectively. Without any doubt, eggs and milk, both are rich in nutrition and good for your health but there are some mistaken ways to eat eggs, which you should try to keep away from.

Having eggs and milk in a wrong way not only decrease the nourishment, but also bring on diseases. Well, if you eat cooked or processed eggs are in some or the other form there is no harm if it’s taken along with the milk. Yes, it has been a myth which is turning around from many decades but with no any firm scientific grounds behind the consumption milk and egg together. But if you take Soymilk along with eggs then it may damage your health. Reason is soymilk has trypsin inhibitor which joins with protein from the eggs and composes an indigestible protein thus dropping its in general nutritional significance.

Cooked eggs and milk can in fact go well collectively and can be eaten anytime. Nevertheless, it is not suggested or recommended to eat uncooked or raw eggs with milk as it boosts the danger of food poisoning as well as severe illness. Moreover, cooked egg and milk can provide you a good prescribed amount of protein for your health and can keep you energised. Besides, cooked eggs have a smaller possibility of resulting in food poisoning. 

Different milk products like yogurt, cheese, full cream organic milk etc. have high-quality nutrition values for your health along with milk. Milk by no means mixes well with any other food as it is an absolute food in itself. It has need of full digestive method of its own manner. Two proteins of different typesets with different compositions should not be consumed together as the digestion process will be hampered like the milk and eggs. 

Proper and correct consumption of food is very much necessary for your health. Eggs and Milk both are enriched with high proteins and necessary nutrition. Milk and Eggs can be consumed anytime only if the eggs are well cooked. Do not eat raw eggs with milk; it affects your digestive system. If you want to take Egg and Milk together then make sure the eggs are not undercooked or unprocessed.


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