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Is It True That The First Impression is the Last Impression?

According to psychological studies, first impression is the first idea which one takes about someone when seeing him for the first time, it is as a mental image of that person. The first impression is not always accurate, actually, it varies a lot because it depends on the observer and the target being observed. However, giving a good first impression is important in creating relationships.

When you meet a new person whom you never met before, you won’t have any clue about who he is. Therefore, you judge on the basis of what you see and hear, while everything else becomes secondary. You build your idea depending on his action at this moment, without paying attention for the possibility that he may be today happier, sadder, angrier, etc… than other times. The person may be a good person but having a bad day, so his anger or annoyance will be temporarily, but you won’t be able to guess.

Moreover, when you see someone you look at his age, physical appearance, voice, clothes, then you try to talk with him view words to see his style, accent, language, etc. You will be spontaneously analyzing everything about him. However, these factors can be seen differently and sometimes misunderstood by the viewers. A 20-years-old guy will view a group of girls laughing and drinking at a cafe as an enjoyable group having fun, while a 60-years-old man can see them as a group of bad girls without morals. Moreover, an employee can see them as a team of passionate employees celebrating a successful task. Therefore, everyone takes his first impression differently according to certain standards.

Giving a good first impression to others is important in personal, social and professional life, so you have to make sure to have a good appearance and a smile on your face whenever you want to meet someone or make an interview. Many people lose their opportunity to get a new job, or to make a relationship with a new person because they give unsuitable first impression.

Although it may not be accurate, once the first impression has been taken, it becomes very difficult to the observer or the target to change it. Thus, it is extremely important to give others good first impressions, so they perceive us in a good way and try to be as accurate as possible when taking impressions about others.

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