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Friday , 18 January 2019
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IS plans to carry out series of bomb-blasts in country foiled, six arrested

Investigative agencies have foiled a series of attacks being planned by the Islamic State after the arrest of six youths from Hyderabad having alliance with the Islamic State on Wednesday.

The agencies learnt about plans after the arrested spilled the beans of terrorist activities they were planning to carry out across India.

National Investigative Agency (NIA), has also detained at least dozen of youths suspected to have alliance with IS for questioning this week.

According to a senior  police officer not authorized to media as NIA is involved in the arrest and probe said, the arrested are part of a new module formed recently by IS. The new module was given the task of carrying our series of blasts in major cities across the country. The members of the module were also planning to egg on riots across the country by throwing beef in major temples.

NIA inspector general Sanjiv Singh informing about the operation in a press conference said, “NIA with the support of local police conducted raids in several locations in Hyderabad city. We have recovered a huge cache of explosives, bomb making material and cash from the possession of the arrested or on their identification.”

According to an NIA officer who did not mention his name said that this is the first module of IS from which such huge quantities of explosive materials have been recovered.

The officer added that they had an eye on the arrested youths of the module from last few weeks. “We made the arrests as soon as the module members managed to procure the material of destruction,” added the officer.

Adding further the officer said, the module had managed to make contacts with other similar banned organizations across the nation through social networking.

Earlier this year a video was released by the IS in which members of the group can be seen taking oath to carry out series of attack to revenge demolition of Babri Masjid, Gujrat riots and unequal treatment of youths in India.

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