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Is your pet food healthy?

Feeding your pet is a big responsibility. But with so many pet food options out there, how do you know which ones you can trust? It is very important to consult a vet before planning the diet of your pet, and choose the food products. Another very important thing is to have variation in their food. Like us, they too get bored.

An ingredients label lists food by weight, with the heaviest item listed first and the lightest item last. Heavier foods that sound good (berries or carrots) may be higher up on the list than other foods that weigh less (dried meat), but that may not tell the whole story.

When you shop for yourself, you might read the list of ingredients to see what’s in the food that you’re thinking about buying. So it makes sense if you look at ingredients on pet food packages as well.

Even if you’re happy with your pet’s food, ask your vet every now and then if your choice is still good.

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