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ISIS uses Social Media Channels to hire people in India

ISIS has been using the internet for getting the potential people for hiring in its group since the inception of social media platforms. Yes, the internet, which is like interweb. For ISIS, the internet is a chasing ground for. It is observed that social media has been used by terrorist groups for its motto of damaging people’s mind and interact them to join their groups.

In one more way, the terrorist group has explored gain cachet and popularity by using social media.  

Social media let them spread terror groups name and organize the crowds. Also, it enables the terrorist group to hire recruit news people in their cluster.

In previous two years i.e. 2015 and 2016 Anti-Terrorism Squad of Maharashtra, has de-radicalized about 60 minors.

In the process of de-radicalization Anti-Terrorism Squad could make out that the ISIS tried many ways to goal these adolescent youngsters.

ISIS has a fully developed connected recruitment team. This team acts as the chief and it is spread across the world. These team members are operating from a different part of the globe, as per the Anti-Terrorism Squad.

In process of the recruitment youngsters, ISIS’s online team has an eye on those youngsters who support to guard Islam or those who display attention in the ISIS’ philosophy.

Before youngsters are handed over to Indian trainer of ISIS, they have to go thru a couple of recruiters for being selected.

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