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ITC Aashirvaad’s‘Just like homemade, with your mother’s touch’

campaign tells a traditional story for the reinvented, quintessential KooraKaram spice

The power of storytelling that strikes a chord with every home-maker in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

March2019:Aashirvaad, themarket leader in spices in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has launched Aashirvaad KooraKaram, the region’s best-selling, multi-purpose masala with a new campaign ‘Just like homemade, with your mother’s touch’. Traditionally made at home by mothers and grandmothers, the younger homemaker who seeks convenience in today’s age of paucity of time, depends on her older generations for her regular supply of KooraKaram.

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The campaign comprises of a TVC showcasing how in the contemporary world, the time-consuming tradition of preparing KooraKaram can be kept alive without compromising on the taste and quality at the same time giving the home-maker an opportunity to explore her other interests. The viewer is reminded thatthis masala is an excellent elixirof traditional spicesand will be reminiscent of their mother’s special recipe blend.

The TVC opens with the mother surprising her married daughter with a thoughtful present. Her daughter anticipates it to be the KooraKaram masala made-at-home but instead the mother gives her a blanket, made from her daughter’s childhood clothes. The surprise makes the daughter curious about how her mother managed to make time to make the blanket, considering making of KooraKaram masala is in itself time-consuming.  The mother tells her daughter about how she now uses Aashirvaad’sKooraKaram masala and uses it for all her dishes. The film ends on the note where the daughter expresses her joy after tasting the preparation made using the product since it tastes just like the way her mother makes it.

According to Ms. MeeraJyothisPrem, Creative Lead, McCann World Group Advertising, Bangalore, “KooraKarampodi is what mothers of AP and Telangana hold near and dear to their hearts. Every household has a unique recipe that has been passed down for generations, and is what every mother lovingly makes for her daughter who comes to visit. So introducing Aashirvaad KooraKaram, the first packaged koorakarampodi in this market was a significant endeavor, tactically and emotionally. Because while we introduce the product to mothers, we also needed to acknowledge the sentimental significance they hold to giving this podi to their daughters. We wanted to retain the joy every mother delights in while making something special for her children, while also encouraging her to explore the world beyond the accustomed. And that is exact essence the film showcases, where a mother is able to create a treasured surprise for her daughter with the help of Aashirvaad KooraKaram. To portray the acceptance of mothers, we crafted out tagline, ‘Just like homemade, with your mother’s touch’ that assures moms that you will not lose out on that cherished taste, but gain the freedom to pursue other passions and enrich relationships.”

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