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Jaiswal Champions League brings together the massive community in a one-of-its-kind event in Mumbai

Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust and Shree Vindhyavasini Seva Mandal are coming together to present Jaiswal Champions League – a one of its kind 1-day cricket tournament that promises to be a bonanza Sunday for all the Jaiswals of Mumbai. The Jaiswal community, in excess of 100,000 people across Mumbai, Vasai and Thane, are organizing their biggest yet cultural activity to bring the group closer together through sports, food and a day of merrymaking. The Jaiswal Champions League will be held at the Venus Sports Academy, Goregaon West on January 6, 2019

The Jaiswals have been settled in the Mumbai region in large numbers for over 50 years now and have several small cultural groups. Over 1,000 members, across socio-economical strata and age groups, are expected to participate in the League. The event is sponsored by Novotel Hotels and Resorts – Goa and Toy Goa Beach Club.

Beginning early at 8 AM and running into the nippy winter night, the league will comprise 15 matches, with 12 teams participating. The 11 players in every team will have at least 4 full-time bowlers. To keep the proceedings exciting, the first over will be Power Play in every match, and in the semi-finals and finals, the first and last overs would be Power Play. This will allow for both, some great big hits and quick wickets, keeping the contest interesting. The semi-finals and finals would comprise 6 overs and in case of a tie, a Super Over will decide the outcome of these matches. The League is an enthralling mix of international standard rules with a spin of the most promising local Jaiswal talents.

To keep the tournament accessible to all, there is no entry fee charged at the door. Breakfast and lunch will be made available at the venue, to ensure that everyone is well fed and hydrated as the enthralling contest rages on through the day. The prize money is generous – INR 100,000 for the winning team and INR 51,000 for the team that finished second

Said Mr. Rajdipkumar Gupta, Trustee of Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust “We are thrilled to organize the first edition of the Jaiswal Champions League – a first big step in bringing the Jaiswals closer together. We thought that the best way to do that is by playing a high-octane day of invigorating cricket – a game that unites members of all ages. The players are a mix of professionals and amateurs, with all sides even balanced. Our motto is to unite and play, meeting our dual purposes of community building and sports. Something of this kind and scale has never happened before with the Jaiswal community and we are proud that we’ve taken the first step. We are positive that the tournament will be received well and with adequate support, we hope to continue the league in the coming years”

Said Mr. Ramanand Gupta, Spokesperson of Shree Vindhyavasini Seva Mandal, “This is the first time, with the efforts of the Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust and Shree Vindhyavasini Seva Mandal, that the powerful business community is coming together on such a large scale. We are looking forward to bring the whole Jaiswal community – the young and old, together for a day of great joy and entertainment”

With this as a stepping-stone, Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust and Shree Vindhyavasini Seva Mandal hope to strengthen their bond and take forward the great social projects that they have been undertaking under their trusts for over 5 years.


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