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Jan Sena, a religious group gives training of stone pelting to locals and pastors in Kanpur

Kanpur: A cluster of pastors is teaching stone pelting method to take on Kashmiri marchers.  The group is Jan Sena and it is Kanpur-based. Jan Sena group’s head tells that thousands of group associates very soon will go Kashmir to aid the security militaries in managing the stone pelters.

Jan Sena is a religious organisation and currently engaged in giving training to priests and locals of Kanpur as well for stone pelting against protesters of Valley.

The organisation is planning to drive a team of some 1000 pastors to Valley and these pastors will be helping Indian security forces to counter the situation arose because of protestors in the valley.

Chaitanya Mahapuri is heading the organisation said, trained pastors will be sent off on 7th May to Kashmir valley.

He also added that for such activity he has also asked permission from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to permit his group to start for Kashmir. This will also lift the confidence of the security force and aid the force in attempting the stone pelters however, the positive reply did not come.

Those who will head to Kashmir, they will be carrying a truck burdened with pebbles said Chaitanya Mahapuri.


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