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Jan Shatabdi from Mumbai to Goa to get glass-roof Vistadome coach from Saturday

Glass-roof Vistadome coach will be attached to the popular Jan Shatabdi plying between Mumbai to Goa from Saturday. Commuters travelling on the popular Mumbai-Goa Jan Shatabdi Express will not only get a special coach with a glass-roof vistadome, but also rotatable chairs and hanging LCDs for entertainment.

The service that will be made available on the Dadar-Madgaon route will be in the last coach and will also include specialised catering services for the passengers.

Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Central Railway Ravinder Goyal said the train will run between Dadar to Madgaon first and based on the responses it receives they will take further decisions.

“These coaches are state of the art coaches. For the first time in Indian history, such coaches are created. Earlier it was running between Araku Valley and Vizag which was created by Integrated Coach Factory (ICF). We will put it on Dadar-Madgaon route most probably in the coming days. Such coaches are even rarely found in even in Switzerland. These coaches are very beautifull and their designs are very unique. The chairs will rotate around 180 degrees and has glass roof everywhere,” he added.

He said that the Central Railway has decided to have Vistadome coach on this train as it traverses through a scenic landscape on the Konkan Railway route.

“You can see view of all sides it is roof top also which is completely remote controlled. Our main motto is that the commuters can see different view while their journey. We have different Ghats on railway path but earlier they were not visible but now people can see Konkan route also which is very beautiful. We have tried this coach especially on this route first because of this reason only,” he added.

Further talking about its features, Goyal said the train has AC, Fridge, high quality washroom etc.

Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO), Central Railway Sunil Udasi said the coach has been provided with extra luggage rack and a gallery for people to enjoy the beautiful view.

“We have provided passengers extra luggage rack in this coach. There is even panoramic view and huge glass roof window. We will put it at the end so that passengers can be able to see such beautiful view. There is a mini pantry which will only serve this coach only. There is a juicer, hot case, fridge and other facilities for the passengers. There is also a gallery where you can put chair and sit and can also enjoy the view,” Udasi said

“At present, there is only one coach available which will run from Dadar-Madgaon route. After looking at people’s response, we will take further decision. Fare of this train is very nominal like we usually charge in Shatabdi business class train. Meals are optional in this train for passengers,” he added.

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