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Jet follows Air India, curtails menu on domestic flights

Having a small plate of fruits for lunch or dinner may not sound particularly appetising, but that is the only meal choice available to Jet Airways domestic passengers on both economy and business class if they happen to be allergic or intolerant to lactose, gluten or need to be on a low-cholesterol diet.

Jet Airways recently narrowed down its list of meal preferences on offer for domestic passengers from 23 to a meagre seven.

A Jet Airways spokesperson said,  “Going by trends we have seen certain special meal options have a higher consumption pattern than others on our domestic flights. While finalising our list of special meals available to our domestic flyers, we have ensured meal options like the fruit platter to be included to serve guests requesting bland food or gluten free meals. The special meals served on board Jet Airways’ domestic flights are Child Meal/Baby Meal/ Jain Meal/Diabetic Meal/Fruit Platter, and all- time popular vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian meals.”

However in Jet Airways website there was no Child meal or baby meal options.

For Domestic flight meal options are vegetarian/non-vegetarian, Jain, diabetics vegetarian/non-vegetarian, fruit platter and Muslim.

Last month Air India stopped serving non veg meals to its economy class  for cost cutting purposes.

Unlike Jet though, AI domestic passengers with dietary restrictions can still opt from a list of 15 special meal options which includes children, vegan, Jain, gluten-free, low-calorie, lacto-ovo, raw, Oriental, Kosher, etc.

Anand Siva, a Jet platinum card holder said , “The flight attendant brusquely told me that they have stopped serving vegan meals on domestic flights.” 

He had pre-booked a vegan meal and his air ticket had vegan marked in the meal preference column. He said neither had the airline cared to inform him, nor had it intimated the travel company about the change.

In an email complaint Siva said: “I ended up with serious acidity issues, resulting in discomfort, health and productivity lapses.”

The changes made by AI and Jet has made Vistara the only full-service carrier in India to offer a wide variety of meal choices to both economy and premium class passengers. Vistara, like AI, offers a long list of special meal options.


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