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Jinder Mahal wins WWE Championships

Canadian born Jinder Mahal has won the WWE Championship. He is the 2nd person of Indian origin to achieve this feat. The first one being “The Great Khali”

Mahal defeated Randy Orton to claim this prestigious title. Earlier when Jinder Mahal defeated Darren Young in WWE Superstars in November 2016, not many thought he would skyrocket to this position as he was irregular and kept losing the matches including the matches with Great Khali and Ryback.

WWE fans were in a shock and the stadium in Chicago which was jam packed was in disbelief. Mahal has been consistent in the last two months. He secured 2nd spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania, losing to Mojo Rawley thanks to Rob Gronkowski’s interference.

Being the winner of WWE Championship, now his concentration has grown manifold since there are two championships—one for Raw, and one for SmackDown. Raw’s WWE Universal Championship, despite being less than a year old, is pretty much the main title: It’s on the primary show, and it’s held by Brock Lesnar 

On this victory, Wrestling journalism guru Dave Meltzer “The entire reason for this has nothing to do with the United States,” and continued “It’s all about the ability to merchandise him in India.”

According to Meltzer, WWE has a ton of television viewers in India, but they’re not making much money. WWE’s social-media numbers are bigger in India than they are anywhere else but inspite of the number, this is not a money spinning sport yet. Thanks to Cricket which is the major crowd puller followed by soccer, tennis and badminton. Despite the presence and awareness of WWE, they don’t make a ton of money off merchandise or WWE Network subscriptions. Putting the title on Jinder Mahal is an attempt to wring more money out of India.

Even Mahal’s “evil foreigner” promo midway through the show was not the kind of speech you would’ve heard in the 1990s from Sgt. Slaughter  or Yokozuna with former supporting Iraq and the latter was termed Japanese despite being born in America.

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