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JNU celebrates its second annual Open Day

New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) organised its second annual ‘Open Day’ on Friday with the institute throwing its gates open for the students from 12 city schools and welcoming them to posters, stalls and an exhibition of its affiliated military establishments’ activities.

The event ‘Jan Jan JNU’ invited students to awaken their interest in the academic pursuits in sciences and humanities with posters of human cells, issues of environment, and those related to history and languages,

Military establishments affiliated to JNU such as Military College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering and College of Military Engineering also participated in the event.

“This is the first ever time their projects are showcased at JNU which will reveal that Indian defence establishment is not only to fight wars in the borders but also develop important projects for civilian applications,” said a JNU statement.

JNU Chancellor and former Defense Research and Development Organisation director V.K. Saraswat, who was present at the event, dwelled on the changing nature of technology as something that has become a most important aspect of our lives.

“Today, data is the new oil, information the new currency and Artificial Intelligence the new electricity. More and more jobs will be done by machines and automated robots in the future. India will need to innovate to deal with the changes. Unlearn what you have learned for education has to evolve,” he said.

The students were also shown a short film on the life and work of Indian Naval Academy to make them aware of the profession and the prestige and rigour that are part of it.


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