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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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John C. Brandy Discusses Alternative Ways to Acquire Real Estate Assets

John C. Brandy, President of Open Mind Generations (OMG), today announced his newly published article “How Many Ways Can You Love Real Estate?” The article details six approaches for buying real estate and how they can be used in combination to diversify the assets in your portfolio.

To read the full article on the different ways to buy real estate, go to the OMG website at:

The real estate market has many good opportunities for making money. If you are willing to buy and hold, real estate makes sense for most investors.

“When most people think about buying real estate, they limit their thinking to their primary residence, and perhaps at the most, a vacation home. Real estate, when added properly to your investment portfolio, can provide excellent income streams and asset appreciation over time” said John C. Brandy. “Examples include rentals of course, but also crowdfunding for residential or commercial real estate, being a lender, and even an AirBnB if that fits your style.”

Open Mind Generations provides investment guidance across all asset classes. The firm does not charge commissions or fees and is strictly consultation-based. OMG provides unbiased advice that will help clients optimize their financial future.

John Brandy has personally invested using every investment vehicle on which he advises.

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